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What Is Spunlaced Nonwovens
Sep 01, 2018

Spunlaced nonwoven fabrics are spunlaced nonwoven fabrics, which are made by spraying high-pressure micro-water into one or more layers of fiber nets to make the fibers intertwine with each other, so that the fiber nets can be strengthened and have a certain strength. Its fiber raw material sources are wide, can be polyester, nylon, polypropylene, viscose fiber, chitin fiber, ultra-fine fiber, tencel, silk, bamboo fiber, wood pulp fiber, algae fiber and so on.

(1) natural fibers: cotton, wool, linen and silk;

(2) conventional fibers: viscose fiber, polyester fiber, acetate fiber, polypropylene fiber, polyamide fiber;

(3) Differential fibers: ultrafine fibers, profiled fibers, low melting point fibers, high crimp fibers, antistatic fibers;

(4) high functional fiber: aromatic polyamide fiber, carbon fiber and metal fiber.

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