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Non Woven Main Networking Methods And Their Characteristics
Dec 17, 2018

1. Acupuncture is a kind of mechanical reinforcement method. It depends on the intertwining of fibers themselves to reinforce the fibre net. It is only a process of physical change. The process is simple, so the reinforced fiber can fully reflect the characteristics of the fiber. Suitable for thick product production, the product quantity is very wide, generally 100-1500g/m2 or higher. The machine occupies less space, consumes less power, and is suitable for the production of wide-range products. The products produced by needling method have many characteristics, such as more surface fluff, easy separation of fibers from the net, and obvious needle marks. A kind of

2. Chemical bonding method. By applying chemical bonding agent on the fibre web, the fibers are bonded together, which is suitable for reinforcing the fibre web in various gravimetric ranges. The production process is flexible and varied. Different methods of applying adhesives, such as impregnation, spraying and one-sided coating, have different styles and performances. Different adhesives have different performances. There are many kinds of adhesives, so the product has wide adaptability. Products strengthened with adhesives generally have the characteristics of high strength and small deformation. Microscopically, we can see the existence of small films of adhesives. In addition, the handle is also hard and the fabric is neat. A kind of

3. Thermal bonding method, which uses the thermoplasticity of fibers and binds them together by heating, is only suitable for thermoplastic fibers or fibre webs containing bonded fibers. Hot-rolled bonding is only suitable for thin products. Its weight range is generally 15-150 g/m2. Regular distribution of rolling points can be seen on the surface, or the extrusion deformation of fibers at the intersection can be observed under a microscope. Hot-melt bonded products generally have a high degree of lotus pine and elasticity, soft feel, and a larger weight range. A kind of

4. Spunlaced method is also a kind of mechanical reinforcement, which has developed rapidly recently. The process is simple, and the handle and drapability of the product are obviously superior to those of other reinforcement methods. The appearance and properties of the product are similar to those of textiles. According to the use requirements, there are different sizes of micro-holes on the surface of the product. However, the strength of this kind of nonwovens is not high, and a certain amount of post-processing is needed to meet various needs. A kind of

Principle of testing mould contamination degree: This method is intended to be used to determine the immersion of low-grade mould from the content of chitin in textiles (invisible when amplified 36 times).

Chitin exists in the cells of most fungi, so the determination of the content of chitin can be used as a marker of the contamination degree of fungi.

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