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Maintenance Of Non-woven Fabrics
May 10, 2018

Non-woven maintenance: Non-woven in the maintenance and collection should pay attention to the following points: 

1, to keep clean, often change, to prevent the breeding of moths. 

2, seasonal storage, must be washed, ironed, dry after the sleeve plastic bags sealed, flat in the wardrobe. Be aware of shading to prevent fading. Should be often ventilated, dust removal to wet, not exposure.  Wardrobe should be put into mildew, anti-moth tablets to prevent the cashmere products damp moldy worms. 

3, when wearing with its matching coat lining to smooth, pockets do not put hard objects such as pens, key packs, mobile phones, so as to avoid local friction and pilling. Try to minimize friction with hard objects (such as sofa backrest, armrest, tabletop) and hook-and-hang on external wear.  Wear time is not easy too long,

4, if there is pilling, not strong pull, scissors will be used to cut the ball, so as to avoid the line caused by the inability to repair. 

5 days or so need to stop wearing or change, so that the clothes regain elasticity, lest fiber fatigue damage.