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Development Of Nonwoven Textile Industry
May 10, 2018

As of 1998, the world's Non-woven consumption has reached 2.4 million tons.

In 1970, its consumption was only 400,000 tonnes, and by 2007 its consumption was expected to reach 4 million tonnes.

Non-woven producers mainly concentrated in the United States (41% of the World), Western Europe accounted for 30%, Japan accounted for 8%, China's production accounted for only 3.5% of the world, its consumption is 17.5% of the world. Man-made fibres still dominate the production of non-woven fabrics, and this situation will not change much until 2007.

Worldwide, 63% of the fibres used in non-woven fabrics are polypropylene, 23% are polyester, 8% are viscose, 2% are acrylic fibres, 1.5% are polyamide, and the remaining 3% are other fibres.

Non-woven fabrics in the sanitary absorption materials, medicine, transportation, footwear, textile materials on the use of a significant increase in the volume.