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New products of spunlaced Nonwovens
May 10, 2018

There has been a breakthrough in the technology of spunlaced processing, and the PGI company's Miratec spunlaced Nonwovens and the Freudonberg Company's Evolon spunlaced Nonwovens are a new generation of spunlaced products capable of replacing textiles and knitwear,

Product introduction The broad market prospect and development direction of the water supply Thorn method has made the best annotation, which has opened up a new market with great potential for spunlaced technology.

Miratec Fabric

Nike Non-woven jersey


Freudenberg Company currently has a Evolo pilot production line running, the company said in the summer of 2000 in France Colmar plant production of an industrial production line, and plans to launch a Evolo production line in 2002.