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New production technology of spunlaced nonwoven Fabric
May 10, 2018

The compound technique of spunlaced The research and development of spunlaced composite technology not only overcomes the limitation of some nonwovens products, but also enlarges the application field of Spunlaced Nonwovens, and promotes the development and improvement of spunlaced technology and even the whole nonwovens technology. (1) The combination technology of spunlaced and wood pulp airflow network. Because the price of wood pulp is much cheaper than the short fiber commonly used in the Spunlaced method, while the moisture absorption and feel of the fluff pulp are very good, so the products made are cheaper than all the fiber products, and they are competitive in price, but the filtration system is very high in the process. The products can be used as wiping cloth (70%g/m2), diapers and sanitary napkin core materials. Water Thorn and wood pulp airflow into the network complex equipment has Fleissner company's Aquapulp, Perfojet Company's airlace. (2) The combination technology of spunlaced and long spinning viscose fiber mesh. The method of composite products both spunbonded nonwovens than celebratetheir strong and short fiber good absorption performance, and more than spinning viscose nonwovens even soft, absorbent oil absorption function, strength and high, can be used as food packaging, decorative cloth and cleaning cloth. The equipment of the combination of spunlaced and spunbonded has the Aquqspun and Aquasplit of Flerssner company. And Freudenberg Company's Evolon processing technology. (3) The combination Technology of water thorn and wet method. A typical process Detex company's Hydraspun technology, made up of Detex Company's wet-net technology combined with the Soflom method registered by the Japanese unicharm company.