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Domestic survey of spunlaced Nonwoven fabrics
May 10, 2018

1. Production line

At present, our country spunlaced nonwovens production line development rapidly, of which the most prominent Jiangsu, especially after the economic crisis, spunlaced non-woven industry not only unaffected, but bucking the trend, the industry unusually hot, add dozens of lines of water thorn.

2. Production Technology of spunlaced fabric At present, the development direction of spunlaced cloth technology is towards high speed, high-quality, drum-type water thorn forward, the main reason affecting the advance of China's spunlaced technology is the lack of large-scale high-speed, high output, high-quality carding machine; China is not yet able to manufacture drum-type spunlaced machine, the lack of actual network production speed up to 70-100m/min

At present, domestic manufacturers of spunlaced equipment can not actively absorb the success of the United States, France and Germany, the successful experience of the division of work, but the fragmented, incompatible.

3. Research and development The research and development of spunlaced Nonwovens in China has been developed for nearly ten years, and it has been adapted to the needs of the national economic development, regardless of the variety, scale, quality and equipment. Spunlaced Nonwovens are involved in the fields of medicine, health, light industry, electronics and environmental protection, and promote the development of traditional chemical fiber and differential fiber in China.